We believe in the power of imagination. The ability to take our ideas and manifest them into reality. We have a desire to create shows, specials and brands that reflect culture. Creatively, our path has made us specialists in youth interests, social behaviors and music culture.

We’ve been able to attract great people to work with us. It is our belief that working together towards a common goal with a sense of perfection will lead us to create great products.

For over ten years we have produced a diverse array of programming for television networks and companies such as MTV, Complex, BET, Blumhouse Productions, Sprite, Cadillac, AT&T, OWN, ABC, TV One and Revolt TV.

Everything that’s ever been created by humanity first started as an idea. Bold thinkers moved with faith and made that idea a reality. Bringing ideas to life is our specialty. At HCS we think differently and celebrate the human experience.

Lee Harris is a talented professional with over 10 years of experience in production, branding and development. He brings a wealth of creativity and resourcefulness to every project he undertakes. Lee has a strong background in live shows, events, docu-series, youth  content and branded entertainment. He understands how to cater to a wide array of social groups and niche demographics, from Generation X to Generation Z, with an emphasis on music and pop-culture.

harris creative studio